POP MART Launched Its First Official App

POP MART Launched Its First Official App

POP MART is thrilled to announce its new APP for the USA market. The new POP MART APP is available to download on the Apple APP store (as POP MART Global) and the Google play store (as POP MART). Having been released on December 1st, the APP contains many features including e-commerce and the POP MART Community.

In terms of e-commerce, users are now able to purchase through the POP MART official website and connect their account to log in, to make their shopping experience more mobile.

Additionally, through the APP, users can post pictures of their collection, and interact with the POP MART Community, who are like-minded people who also love collecting toys. The section called “Planet”, in which POP MART fans can post their collection includes topics, and anyone can join in on the live conversations with other POP MART fans.

Currently, our team is working tirelessly to update more features that will be available in the coming first quarter of 2022, in the meantime make sure to download the APP and enjoy the new POP MART mobile experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the new APP, do not hesitate to write us directly at appsupport@popmart.com.