POP MART Dimoo Exhibition Kicks off at Marina Square in Singapore

POP MART Dimoo Exhibition Kicks off at Marina Square in Singapore

Singapore, Aug. 18th – POP MART, the global culture and entertainment company best known for art toys and collectible toys, is  presenting an exhibition titled “Happiness in the Garden City”, from Aug. 20th to Oct. 19th at Marina Square in Singapore. This two-month exhibition will show POP MART’s top IP Dimoo and its wonderful world to bring happiness to visitors.

Inspired by famous landmarks of Singapore, the exhibition consists of several giant, life-sized Dimoo sculptures and figurines from various series of the Dimoo World. In the center of the exhibition, a giant windmill with Dimoo’s face in red and white will warmly welcome the mall’s customers, and celebrate Singapore’s National Holidays and colors. Through QR codes across the exhibition, visitors can also explore various series of blind boxes and collectible toys from POP MART, and Dimoo limited editions specially designed for the Singapore market.

Dimoo is the name of the figure of a little boy created by Ayan Deng, an illustrator, artist, and toy designer, who spent more than two years developing the story and characters of the Dimoo World series. The Dimoo World is filled with the beauty of fantasy. As one of the most successful IP figures of POP MART, Dimoo has gained many fans around the world.

POP MART has endeavored to discover new and trendy artists. By collaborating with those artists and through a comprehensive IP operation system, POP MART has created many series of top trendy IPs. The company has expanded across 23 countries and regions, including China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, the US, Canada, UK, and France. The first store in Singapore was opened earlier this year. In order to better promote the pop culture and integrate with the local community, the store also includes a special exhibition area displaying artworks of designers from South East Asia.



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