Interview with Ninego, Vita's creator

Interview with Ninego, Vita's creator

Can you introduce VITA to us?

VITA is a quirky and outgoing little girl who is sometimes quick-tempered and sometimes sweet. She’s a very hip girl with short hair who loves street culture.


The first series of VITA is a band theme. Do you have a favorite band or DJ? What is their music style?

For Chinese bands, I love Mandarin, Mr. Sea Turtle, COM’Z, Re-TROS, Sound Toy, and Sodagreen. As for other bands, I like Sheena Ringo, Tokyo Incidents, Queen, and Fun. My favorite DJs are Chace, Yaeji, Lauer, etc.


Which artist’s work lit up your passion for graffiti and hip-hop? Who’s your favorite pop toy artist

Kaws, Suck1, Rockinjellybean, Michael Lau


How do you usually get inspiration?

I get my inspiration from many sources: films, documentaries, exhibitions, works of other artists, small things in life, etc.


Can you show us some of your early works? Have you transformed your style since you became an artist?

I’ve tried many different styles, but my early works are illustrations, specifically some street-style graffiti. I’m still trying new styles all the time. Nowadays, there’s not many differences in my art, so I’m still looking for a new style that I like the most and that fits me the most.


VITA has a friend called Cookie, do you have a pet friend in real life?

I’ve had pets my whole life, including cats and dogs, but I’ve never had a pug like Cookie. I hope I can have one in the future.


What kind of vibe do you want to send out to the fans from VITA?

I want to send out the attitude of not being afraid of trying new things in life. Don’t stick yourself in a pattern. You can try one new thing every day, and there’s always more for you to try up until you get old. I hope VITA can be the cool girl with a place in everyone’s heart.